We have a GroupWise 8.02 HP2 running on a NetWare 6.5 SP8.
The hardware has a RAID 1 for its SYS: volume and a RAID 5 (4 disks)
for its MAIL: volume.

We've been running low on space....

As an immediate solution, we're considering plugging into, via iSCSI,
a SAN that has additional space.

- If we go this route, would it be better to move our entire MAIL: volume
to the SAN (rather than extend the volume over an iSCSI connection) or
would performance/reliability not matter?

- Are there any documents (I haven't found any, as yet) describing moving
such a volume to another piece of hardware? [I suspect a few
files would need to be pointed to another location, but don't know if
are hidden pointers that might be missed.]

Also under consideration (possibly a long term solution) would be to move
to a new server with more capacity. [I'm considering a RAID 10.]

- If we go to a RAID 10, would this eliminate the need for a RAID 1 for
our SYS: volume? (Would it still be considered 'best practice' to have
the SYS: on its own RAID--or could the different volumes be spread
across the RAID 10 and be considered safe?

Many thanks,