In preparation for migrating iPrint from NetWare to OES2-SLES I'm trying to create on the SLES server a print manager with a DNS hostname alias. I can create the PM with an IP address or with the actual name of the server, but when I try to create the PM with an alias hostname ( as recommended by Novell, iManager gives the following error: Connection refused
IPP Error: 0x40001

From what I can tell the reason this is happening is because the alias doesn't match the name on the server certificate. I found a recommendation to change the PSMHostAddress in the ipsmd.conf file after creating the print manager, but after doing so the PM won't start.

I'm trying to follow Novell's recommendation to use a hostname for the service as opposed to the name of the server itself. How can I make this work? This is 64-bit OES2SP2 on SLES10SP3, patched less than a month ago. Thanks.