I manage a network of five Netware 6.0 SP3 servers on the same TCP/IP
network (192.168.0.x/
One of them is also VPN Master Server (its VPN Tunnel address is
192.168..70.2), but to date I have not configured any Slave Server.

Recently I received this suggestion:

"... the VPTUNNEL of the other servers will have to be in the network
192.168.70.x, but the private IP addresses of these servers will have to be
in subnet DIFFERENT from any other subnet already used.
For instance, you can choose 192.168.123.x for an office, 192.168.124.x for
another office etc."

I have two questions about this:

a) why?
b) since my main goal is to access the LAN resources from a remote location,
do I really need, after all, to set up the remaining servers as Slave
Servers? As a matter of fact, my tests show that I can successfully login
to all my servers through the VPN Master.

Any explanations on these points is welcome.


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