I've got several windows 7 workstation and lots of Windows XP machines running.

I see most of the Win7 does not tell the user that (s)he got xx Grace logins left when their password have expired.

This is a major annoyance as it will require me to manually change their password expiration, add more gracelogins etc.

I know theres solutions to stop the script from closing and write that their password expires in xx days, as well as theres a ldap workaround that can send them emails regarding their password expire.

My users ignores these kind of messages so its not really an option.

Atm. im at the virge of disabling the force password change, but I would rather not.

Does anyone have any solution to mentioned issue ?
Perhaps theres a possibility to start the Novell client change password dialog (Right click the red N, user administration for <tree>, Password administration, change password)

Any help will be very appreciated.