We have 1 account that have a shared folder for 4 users.
Recently users complain that when they open or delete messages in this share folder - they have delay 3-5 second after an action.

When a user open a message he could not open another message for a 3-5 second, because GW freezing.
When a user try to delete a message - it looks like user did not push the button, so (if) user push this button again - after 3-5 second GW deletes 2 messages.

This shared folder contained about 1500 letters. After moving 1400 letter to archive - this shared folder became work fast.

When a user works with it's own mailbox (direct connect. not caching mode, ~3000 letters) - everything works very fast. without any delays. Also when owner of this folder works with it - there is not any delay.

It looks like GW after any changing in a shared folder (delete, mark as readed/unreaded) do reread this folder.

Is this delay normal for shared folder? Do you have any delay in shared folders with more 1500 letters?

* GW8.0.2HP2 / Netware 6.5 SP8 / Windows7&XP
* I tried to uninstall antivirus software (SEP) on clients but it did not help.
* The Server does not looks overloaded.