When trying to create a Windows 7 32 or 64-bit driver profile or modify an existing profile we get the following error.

"Modify Printer Driver Profile Failure
There are not any driver profiles to select. "

When creating printer driver profiles on Windows XP it completes successfully but the actual profile does not show up in the list of driver profiles.

Background: We are running iPrint on OES 2 SP 2. It was working fine and we were able to create and modify profile with no problems. Due to some other problems I had to recreate the print manager. I created the new print manager using the exact same settings as the existing one, it is associated to the same driver store as well. I then imported the printers to the new print manager using iprntman and the xml file. During the import process there was a couple of errors which I was able to correct. And the import completed successfully. All users are able to print to the printer and we can fully manage all aspects of the printers, it is just the creation or modification of driver profiles which fails with the above message.

Since this problem started I have created a new driver store and associated it with the print manager but we are still having the same problems.