New to Patch Management and using the trial that came as we upgraded from 10.3.0a to 11.

My PM is downloading Patches fine, I go and test one by selecting the patches Not patched link, unticking all the computers and ticking one that I want to test. I then go to the action menu and select deploy remediation - then select all the options including setting a date and time (I have realised that choosing now when not cached causes error:

Failed to process action: Information for id 3f0bdbd928e2944a2d933d146cffe48d has not been cached.)

I have not progressed to the next stage in our 11 rollout as we are having issues with BSOD on xp and win7 getting stuck at welcome screen on login or BSOD on shutdowns.
Currently we have a mix of winxp with 10.3.0a, 11 and 11 Cumulative patch. This is the same for win7.

I have tried deploying to all flavours of above and different patches (eg symantec endpoint virus defns and adobe 9 or X) but still i get the following error:

Action "9f29b1bb059fdf69a9d9fcaa1bb2f5a9" of the child bundle "Adobe Reader X 10.0.0 for Windows (FullUpgrade) (E--797867525" failed.

I have watched the agent properties and seen the patch download do some HDD activity and then just stop usually with no error (one time i have seen an error on client was when a SEP virus defn went out to a winxp 10.3.0a - C++ errror with smc.exe and the symantec client shut down)

Is there something I am doing wrong - I have a friend in a similar environment (school SOE across state) who can do the PM on ZCM11.