Hi All,

Looking to modify photo definition in Vibe so it can pull/display the photo from the URL pointed to by the photo attribute in LDAP...I think what is required is that the entry definition for photo in Vibe currently is defined as a file repository entry, so I think that photo is pulled from the file repository entry defined in the profile.

If the definition can modified so it pull the photo from the a string defined URL, then that URL should be able to be populated from the LDAP directory sync which currently only supports strings.

Just to define things further, the LDAP photo is stored on a webserver path defined by the LDAP photo attribute which is a string. To be precise the exact eDirectory definition for the photo attribute is....

photo Sync. Immediate Octet String 0 4294967295 0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.7

The LDAP photo attribute string looks something like 'http://server.acme.local/eGuide/Upload/photo/vidm/cn=jsmith_ou=it_ou=users_o=acme.jpg'.

So what is needed is to modify the vibe profile photo attribute which is pointing via a simple file repository definition to the image to instead be pointing to a URL for the photo (and in turn loading the photo from the defined URL instead of the file repo.)

Any help on how to accomplish this would be great! (If it's possible....).

Mark Currie