Today was my last day with Novell - I was one of those who was informed
on Monday that I was being terminated, and my boss worked out for me to
have 3 days to transition my responsibilities (something I felt was very
important for those who remain - I've been on the receiving end of no
transition after a RIF and it really is difficult enough without having
to figure out how someone else did a job and having to pick up the

8 years and a couple of months - not a bad run. I learned a lot, and in
spite of everything, I think Novell and SUSE have bright futures. All
the best to all my friends and colleagues who are still with the company
- some exciting times ahead, it sounds like.

I've already got a few job leads that I'm chasing down, but if anyone
hears of anything I might be interested in, please e-mail me at hendersj
at gmail - one can never have too many job leads when looking.

Feeling very positive and upbeat tonight. I'll miss working with the
people I worked with, but who knows - I may well end up working with them
again in some capacity.

Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1, CLA10, CLP10