Got a customer running a BM 3.8 server,
he needs to place out a PC at another site where they run Firewall-1,

They have been trying to use the BM 3.8 VPN client from inside that
network ( behind the firewall-1) to connect to the BM 3.8 server.

No Luck..

by phone,, I've been trying to help out by getting him to test a
couple of our BM servers, 1 -BM3.7 and 1 - BM 3.8.

No luck there either,

Using the realtime monitor and aquire the detailed log from the BM 3.8
on our network does NOT reveal anything, no kind off traffic at all
from him...

According to the owner/support people of the site that runs the
Firewall-1, they say that they have setup a rule that should allow his
PC's full traffic in and out...

Any ideas...? pointers..??