I have a problem I was hoping someone could shed some light
on...essentially here is the setup:

- Site A (master) and Site B (slave) are connected thru the Internet using
a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel with BorderManager
- the OS on the two boxes is NetWare 5.0 SP6
- the BorderManager version is 3.5 SP3

A PC on Site A can hit a web server at Site B, but a PC at Site B cannot
hit a web sever at Site A. The user at the PC at Site B is asked to log
into the firewall at Site A...even if Clntrust.exe is running, and if they
do they get a "You Have Already Logged In" error.

Pings and tracert's from the PC at Site B to the web server at Site A are
all ok.

I've reviewed all Filters and Proxy rules...albiet the servers were
configured by separate people...they are pretty much the same.

Any ideas?