We have just set up Data Synchronizer Mobility pack 1.1.1 running on SLES 11 SP1 to replace GMS 3.01 running on Windows Server 2003. This clunked but worked not not for iPhones.

The GroupWise system is now 8.02 HP2 sitting on a Netware 6.5 SP7 server. All the Groupwise stuff including Domains and Agents sit on the Netware server. Previously it was Groupwise 7.x but moving to GW8.02 stopped GMS working.

Users authenticate to the Data Synchronizer Connector via LDAP.

One thing we discovered which may be of interest to others is that the reason why our iPhones could not connect to the Mobility Pack server was that the NDS users had their connections limited in C1 to one or two connections. Putting this up to 4 connections suddenly allowed the iPhones to connect. Up to that point the error messages on the iPhones and the server logs gave no indication why users could not connect/authenticate.

I guess we had thought the the number of NDS connections permitted related only to actual connections to the Netware server. Looking at the number of posts from users with similar iPhone connection problems I now wonder whether this might apply to them.

The problem we do have with iPhones, but not devices such as the Nokia N97 with Roadsync is that email goes in both directions between the Groupwise account and all the the mobile devices tried so far, but whereas calendar changes made by the Groupwise client on the pc get pushed/synched down to the iPhone fine, any calendar entries put onto the iPhone never go up to the Groupwise account.

Any clues as to what we are missing out?

(All users have the same syncronization settings irrespective of mobile device)