Config - Checkpoint (far side) version 4.1, BM 3.8/sp1a on NW6.5/sp1a
Situation - BM 3.8 is mine, Checkpoint belongs to a client, we need to
establish an IPSEC tunnel to allow ftp traffic.

Problem - IPSEC tunnel appears to come up. Remote manager shows my server
as up to date, but shows the Checkpoint box as still being configured. I
see traffic statistics going out towards the Checkpoint box, but I have no
inbound traffic. I've set this up following the examples in Craig
Johnson's BM book (very handy BTW), and from the examples on Cool
Solutions, but it still isn't working. People on the far side are not able
to ping or ftp to the host that I have set up for them. The rules are the
same on both sides (per instructions, which is a little difficult
considering the flexability that Checkpoint offers). Any help would be