Sorry if this posts twice, I got an error msg the first time and did not
see my post in the forum

We have a small office network(10 user/nodes) utilizing a single server
running NSBS 6.5. Server is file server, BM 3.8 and Groupwise. We have
good internal speed and access, but mobile VPN users connecting over the
internet (usually only one at a time) experience incredibly slow
connections. BOth the server's external card and the mobile connection
have fairly good DSL connections.

Before I go through the throes of splitting my server into separate boxes,
I thought about trying a server hardware upgrade to a dual xenon 2.4 cpu
configuration on an ASUS mb. However, I saw an older TID 10060095 that
said BM 3.6 would not support dual processors. The TID goes on to say
that you can increase the perforamnce by disabling one of the two
processors, which, of course would run contrary to using 2 cpus's. Is
this still the case with BM 3.8, or would the 2 cpu configuration maybe