I have been using DBCopy to migrate our Post Offices from Netware 6.5 to OES 2 Linux. I have been using NFS mounts to the Netware server to do the DBCopy. I know people say not to use NFS, but it provides the fastest performance. DBcopy worked perfectly on OES 2 SP2 with out issues, I moved 12 post offices so far. I am down to my last 2 post offices. And I decided to run those post offices on OES 2 SP3 (SLES 10SP3) and the latest updates.

In testing I found DBCOPY will copy over offiles with out issues. But it will not copy files with a .db extension as in wphost.db, msg*.db, user*.db, etc. Again this is OES2 SP3 over NFS.

I went back to OES2 SP2 and did the same test and everything copies over with out issues.

Does any one know how to get DBcopy to work over NFS with OES 2 SP3?