It appears GW8 has lost a functionality feature that I found very, very useful and I miss it. Do I have a setting wrong?

There are some attached files for VISUAL reference.I currently have two calendar panels on my home view. One is my calendar, and the one below is a multi-user calendar with some people I work with.In 7.02, when I click on a date in my personal calendar panel, the lower panel would automatically change to the same date. That way I could see what scheduling conflicts I might have on that day, or plan dates for projects without doing the busy search first.

In 8.02, when I click on a date in one panel...the other doesn't change at I have to click on Go To Date, chose the date and then ok. Then repeat the process to go back to the present day.There are four attachments so I could make it clear. One for each client version.

I have my calendar starting on May 9th in the before images for each, and you can see that in the 702after.jpg the date on the lower calendar followed the date on the upper calendar when I clicked on June 7. Not so on 802after.jpg.

I'd be extatic if someone showed me how to make this work in 8.02. Its a HUGE productivity booster.

7.02 before 702before.JPG
7.02 after 702after.JPG
8.02 before 802before.JPG
8.02 after 802after.JPG

Thank you for any help.Geek Underling.