I am struggling with PAGen3 :O( Hopefully its just me missing the obvious.

When I run pagen3 against a test.csv file I get the folllowing message:

Tue May 10 11:55:44 2011

NDPS Manager: .qprintsrvman.printing.xxx.yyy
NDPS Broker: .qbroker.printing.xxx.yyy
NDS Tree: Q
CSV File: test.csv

Operation: create

Attirbute "test'" is not Allowed

'test' is the first field of my csv file, which should just the name of printer agent. I have tried changing it to something other than 'test' and it still fails to create. I have noticed that the word 'test' is surrounded by quotes, and by a trailing ' too. I wonder if that is significant?

'test',0,0,1,0,'NDPSGW PORT=LPR HOSTADDRESS=x.y.z.a PRINTERNAME=PASSTHROUGH',,,,'HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v4.7)' 'HP' 'USR:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/winXP/49355E7F/ndps.inf',,,,,'HP LaserJet 4250 Postscript (recommended)' 'HP' 'USR:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/linux24/466696C3/HP_LaserJet_4250.ppd',,test.Printing.xxx.yyy'