We are a small 100 user company with 2 VMware servers (ESXi free)

I would like to move to vSphere and a shared storage solution. We have veyr little data (under 1TB) and this I am tired of the EMC's of the world trying to sell me 12TB solutions costing $20,000 saying I can grow into it.

Do any of you support small environments with vitalization?

I am looking for suggestions on how to go about enhancing our VMware environment.

2 Poweredge 1950 8gb ram 500gb sata
1gig ethernet to Procurve 2510G switches
VMware ESXi free
each server roughly 5 VM's

I was looking at SAN solutions from iomega and qnap. (Honestly, I am new to this and really do not know what to look for when comparing.)

I know it doesnt have all the redundancy that higher end EMC models have, but I am going on the thought of its still an improvement. Baby steps...