With my dsfw installation, users are in the container cn=Users,ou=MyOu,o=MyOrg. This seems to work fine for users logging in (using Novell Client on Windows 7), but creates some difficulties. The Object Class of the Users container includes "Top, container, and nspmPasswordAux." 'Normal' OU objects in nds include the Object Classes "Organizational Unit, Top, ndsLoginProperties, ndsContainerLoginProperties"

This is causing a couple issues. One, can't set a container login script on Users. Able to work around this with profile scripts on the user objects such that the users still have a common script.

The larger issue relates to ZCM: I'm unable to effectively associate application bundles with the users in this Users container. ZCM lets me define the relationship (either from the bundle, adding the user(s), or from the user, adding the bundle) but when the user logs in, and is properly logged in as shown in the ZENworks Adaptive agent, there are no bundles associated with the user. When I look at the Relationships tab for a user, the assigned bundles are listed but 'Deployment Status' is unknown.

If I associate the bundles with a user in the parent container, (ou=MyOU,o=Org) then they work just fine.

Question is, can the 'missing' Object Classes (Organizational Unit, Top, ndsLoginProperties, ndsContainerLoginProperties) be added to the Users container, or will that destroy dsfw? Or is there something else going on here?