I have configured C2S VPN on a BM 3.8 server using iManager (don't need the
backwards compatibility), I have installed a clean SBS6.5 server according
to Craig's website.
The issue is the VPN will not start, I have configured it to the
documentation on the internet.
If I run startvpn IKE & authgw aren't automatically loaded.
If I run runvpn -l3 there are no error messages whatsoever.
I then tried to configure the backward compatibity VPN using VPNCFG just to
see if that would work, afther I configure the IP-addresses en generate a
key the VPNMASTER.NLM autoloads and CPU utilization jumps to 80-85% and
stays there, I am not able to make a VPN connection (I have configured VPN
with NWadmin).