Greetings. We have two OES2/SP3 on SLES10-SP3 servers running virtualized. Each server has the April 2011 maintenance updates applied.
Servers were brought up clean a couple months ago and we have slowly been migrating services onto them from Netware 6.5 SP4. We have been manually moving DNS, DHCP, SLP, etc - not using the migration tool.
Things were fine until last week when the primary OES2 serevr began core dumping multiple times per day. NDSD sometimes seg faults, other times generates an exception. We have capture the core and supportconfig data and sent it off but I was wondering if others are having problems even post the April 2011 updates?
We haven't nailed it down but it certainly seems to have started once we began moving the environment over to these two servers for DHCP and Dynamic DNS as well as LDAP queries from the firewalls for granular access controls. Previously the Netware 6.5 boxes were doing the majority of this.
Server1 has cored probably 10 times since Sunday. Interestingly, server2 has cored only once on Monday. Initially, the firewalls only pointed to server1 for LDAP now they can hit both. We have not altered the default database size/cache behaviors. 35 MB DiB on each box and a 195MB max on each. Cache is currently sitting at about 100MB utilized.
Curious to know what else to check/look for as the ndsd log shows nothing -other than ndsd having to be restarted - and the gdb output is largely greek to me.
Thanks in advance