I am trying to bring up a BM 3.8 VPN server (I have 8 others from
3.5-3.7) on a NW6 box with DS 8.62 . I know I can't use the new VPN
client-site functions without IManage 2.0 and DS 8.71. But thought the
old VPN functions would work.

After I config the VPN with NWAdmin and VPNCFG. I load VPMaster and
get the following error: Get Server Role Returned Error -603. The
VPMaster NLM loads ok but it goes to high utilization with VPMaster as
the busy thread. Client based VPN does not work, even when I unoad the
filltering. I think that even though the VPMaster says it loads ok
something is wrong but not sure what. Maybe Cat or Craig could shed
some light?