Hi. Strange issue which is probably something stupid

I have 3 working NT4 machines, with a very old novell client (v4.00) that run ColdFusion. ColdFusion needs access to Z: (which is the Novell server). With client 4.00 this all works fine. When I change to a newer client (any version) ColdFusion can no longer see Z: and fails. (If I change back to the old client the setup immediately starts working again)

The local user can always see Z: fine, in a dos session

It's as if any program running isn't given the drive mappings. I have also tried using the long winded way //novellserver/data/apps method and that makes no difference either

The same issue occurs with a new W2003 machine and a new W2008 machine, using the latest novell clients

Any ideas why this happens?