Hi -

We've got a NW5.1SP7 server with a BM3.6sp2a VPN set up and it works
OK but for the following.

Our W98 clients can connect (Client-to-Site) but our W2K can't.

The W98 clients are IP & IPX. The W2K doesn't support IPX on the VPN
so I can't quite figure out why I can't connect with only IP running.
I also tried IP only on the W98 as well as the W2K and that doesn't
work. (IPX works fine.)

Now, on our site to site VPN I can connect to remote servers from the
W2K workstations inside the network by typing the IP address of the
server on the remote site. (I had tried only typing the internal IP
when trying to connect IP only form the W98 & W2K clients and that
doesn't work.)

With IP only the VPN connection gets established but I cannot ping the
internal servers. Any idea what I shold try next? Thanks.