We recently upgrades to GW 8.0.2 HP2 and implimented the DS. We have a number of decives syncing to the DS. One thing we noticed is that new appointment notifications do not come accross properly.

If an appointment is created from the GW client, the Droid X recieves the appointment and puts it on the calendar (but you have no idea where) and you recieve the notification in the email box. The problem is the notification does not have any indication that it is an appointment. There isn't any details about date, time or place nor is there a way to accept or decline the appointment.

If an appointment is created from another phone that is connected to the DS the appointment gets added to the calendar and the notification comes to the email box but it now has an icon in the body section of a calendar with the text "View meeting" which if clicked on provides the details of the appointment (date, time, place attendees) and allows you to accept or decline the appointment.

The question is, is this a Motorola issue or it this a DS issue? I am wondering if the DS can flag appointments from the GW client in such a way that we get the "View meeting" icon.

I have pictures of meetings seent via GW and another mobile device if that will help.