Hi again all,

We are still having problems with our C2S VPN on BM3.8. What I am finding
is that if anything goes wrong with a connection and it gets cut off then
I can not get back onto the server. I log into Windows (XP) as local
admin, run the VPN client and then run client32 (and that does run the
login scripts). Then something does not work (last time I got a virus
upgrade followed by a Zen upgrade and a blank desktop because Zen did not
manage to work) and I had to use TaskManager to logout.

Then I can not get the VPN to work. So I rebooted and now I get

put in password
"negotiating and authenticating"
for about 5 minutes then
"The IKE application has not responded to the start command. The timeout
value has been reached"

This is all on a dial up connection which I connect to before running the

The server is not resetting my connection somehow.

Anybody know what I should do?