I have often wondered about this:

In iManager -> File Protocols -> CIFS -> select a server to manage; there are checkboxes for Oplocks and DFS support. Regarding Oplocks, The iManager help states:

"Opportunistic locking is enabled by default. This improves file access performance. Select or deselect the check box to enable or disable this."

This directly contradicts the documentation which states the option is disabled by default. I can confirm that, by default, the checkbox is NOT checked, and when executing novcifs -o, it reports Oplocks are disabled. How does this setting relate to the Cross_Protocol_Locks in ncpcon which is normally set to 1 (enabled)? What is the impact of this setting? The doc and iMgr help both claim it improves file access performance if enabled...should it be enabled as a routine measure? Why is it disabled by default?