I have multiple wireless access points at three different locations
that clients access the backbone through BM VPN. There are a couple of
hundred clients in all. The problem is that these locations have to be
up 24 hours a day and are in constant use. Whenever there is a problem
with one of the VPN servers it has a large impact to the organization.
Because the clients all have to reboot to reestablish the connection.

Management wants me to buy multiple VPN servers for the different
locations to spread out the load. I hate adding more servers for such
few clients.

I had a idea to run multiple NW servers running BM on one box. I have
three boxes now, one for each locations. I would buy three more boxes
with 4GB a piece and run three separate instances of BM on each of
them for each location. I would do a round robin in DNS to spread the
load to each locations. So each location has a equal chance of getting
on any one of the three virtual servers dedicated to that location. If
a server abends, no problem I have two others...

My only concern is that these servers host a replica. It's only houses
the BM servers and associated objects so it should not be that bad.
What do you guys think? Cool Idea or stay away?