Good Morning.

Currently I am having trouble with DLU applying after an image has been brought down to a target machine. The problem in XP is never applied based on the user until the user is logged in and the device is refreshed. Then the user can log off and log back in with DLU applied and all other users after that DLU works.

The problem I am having with Windows 7 is DLU is not being applied after the image and the ZENWorks Login is not working until I log in locally (after Novell Client login is successful) and then manually log into Zenworks and refresh then DLU begins working again.

On the windows 7 machine I have added the DisablePassiveModePrompt to the registry. I know the device is getting the correct drivers and connecting to the network because of the Client is successfully logining in, but I do not know why it is ignoring the Zen login on first login of the Windows 7 machine.

TIA, and I hope I didn't confuse anyone.