DHCPd v3.0.7
Server paravirtualized with XEN on SLES11

I am giving this another try. Originally posted 12/16/10. Has not been
rsolved. DHCP has been uninstalled than reinstalled. Upgraded to NOES 2 SP3.
Did not resolve the issue. The single NIC on the guest is a bridge interface
on the host. Could that be the issue?

Really could use some advice here.

On the rcnovell-dhcpd command, the following error is displayed:

"Socket address family not supported by protocol - make sure CONFIG_PACKET
(Packet Socket) and
CONFIG_FILTER (Socket Filtering) are enabled in your kernel configuration."

I am at a loss on this one. My first attempt with DHCP on SLES10. From what
I have found the above config changes to the kernel require a recompile of
the kernel.

Did add the CONFIG_PACKET to the kernel config file, and recompiled the
However the CONFIG_FILTER kernel config setting is no longer supported in
kernel 2.6.
Did add the IPFILTER to the kernel config. That appears to be the
replacement for the CONFIG_FILTER.

Assistance and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.