I have a Netware 6 sp3 with bm3.8 server that has 4 nics and one public

I have configured the server to act as a proxy, firewall and vpn server.
We are having problems with routing from this server to the internet and
to an internal network that is connected throw an internal firewall. When
pinging a host on the other side of the inner firewall the vpn client
does not get a reply. If I try pinging the vpn clients from that host the
host gets a reply. When enabling nat on the private interface of the vpn
servers the vpn clients are able to access these hosts. The problem is
then that the clients on the LAN are not able to get direct access to
resources on the internet. The only way to accomplish this is to enable
nat on the public interface and disable nat on the private. The problem
is that our vpn clients canít access resources on the other side of the
internal firewall.
Any suggestions?