I'm not a GroupWise user but need to access .gwi archived email files I was sent on a CD.
Is the only way to open them to buy the GroupWise product? I only need to access them one time and may never deal with .gwi files again.
Another question: Was that the only way the IT person who sent the files could send the archived email files? If someone has GroupWise and wants to send some of their archive emails can't they convert them to another format like .doc, or .txt, or .pdf so anyone can open them? Also, what if a GroupWise user had an archive their GroupWise emails, say 100 of them, couldn't they batch-convert those files? I can batch convert my old Outlook emails using Adobe Acrobat Pro. I can convert 100 or so emails in a matter of a couple of minutes.
Please email your response if you care to share your thoughts. I was referred to this site by Novell and have no experience using this forum.