I need some help regarding the NSS volumes missing folders and files problem.
A user has got missing files and sub-folders on her home folder.
She is sure that it was there yesterday but not anymore, while there are some folders and files are still there. But most of them have gone.

I try to SALVAGE files and folders but what I can see is only several MS Office's temporary files that's useless for me.

I did try create a file and delete it; then restore it, and working fine.
We have just more than 2000 users and it seems it has happened only on the user.

Anyway, eDirectory sync among servers is fine and no any other issues in here, except this issue at the moment.
Moreover, we did not change anything on the servers at all.
Furthermore, the storage has got enough room on it.

Server: SLES10SP3 + OES2SP2 32bit
Client: Windows XP SP3 with Novell Client 4.91 SP5 IR1 (

Could you give me some advise, pls?