A costumer has two BorderManager 3.8 servers running on Netware 6.5 sp1.
A VPN site to site connection is configured.
After the installation of the IP Domestic stack on both servers, the stack
seems to be corrupt.
( At console : perl nwccdbm38:\tcpip\instal.pl -f )
MONITOR.NLM , NWCONFIG cannot be started.
And at the server boot proces, the time synchronization is timing out due
to the lack of an IP connection.
When the server is running the time synchronization has been established
after a while.
Tried to manually copy the TCPIP, TCP and BSDSOCK nlm. ( DOMESTIC ) from
te servicepack but has the same effect. When i copy de null encryption
stack from the servicepack the servers work fine but not with VPN tunnels
Has anyone faced this problem ??
thanx in advance.