Running Netware 6.5 SP7 and Windows 7 with Client 2 SP1 IR5 . One of our techs was investigating suspicious files on a network volume, and was looking at file ownership to determine what student had placed them there. All the schools use XP machines, only our techs have started with Win 7. The directory he was looking at included some shortcuts (free music!! = link to shutdown your computer, etc...), and when we looked it said that the tech was the owner of the shortcut, and that it was created this morning when he was doing his initial investigation. Now, we know he didn't create them or copy them, and that at least a few of them were there weeks ago when a teacher first showed us the directory. We're wondering how his user ID got tagged as the owner of these shortcuts? Does Win 7 touch the shortcuts in a way that makes Novell think they are the new owner? Anyone seen this?