Unless you've been living under a rock or have been on vacation in the Himalayas, you've heard that Novell was purchased by The Attachmate Group and that there has been a product shuffle between the companies the Attachmate Group controls. Some Novell products are going to the NetIQ company and some are going to a new company focusing on SUSE.

Of course NetIQ and SUSE could just start forums for the products that are moving over there, and we could close them down over here, but then all the data would be lost. There is still a lot of decision making going on here at Novell and moving forums isn't the highest priority on the decision making list so we'll just keep them this way for a while until we have time to give the proper attention to the issue.

We've tried to organize them to let you see where they belong and where they will eventually end up in the different business units. We apologize for the delays but hope you understand why this is down the priorities list. Both sets of forums are still running as usual currently.