FS GW Sys: GW8 SP2 HP2 (NetWare 6.5 SP8 and SLES 11 64-bit)
Student GW Sys: GW8 SP2 HP2 (SLES 11 64-bit)

We currently have a single faculty/staff (FS) GroupWise system with about 2000 users. This system has multiple domains and post offices. I am about to move 20,000 student NetMail accounts over to a new separate GroupWise system. It also has multiple domains and post offices (it is built and being tested). Both systems will reside within the same eDirectory tree. I have created my external domains and have established a direct link via TCP/IP to the respective MTAs. Both system are currently exchanging information.

The student users cannot see each others addresses (legal issues), nor can they see the FS users. I can set visibility to None for the student GW system to keep the students from seeing each other, and I have configured the external sync to allow only one-way exchange TO the FS system. Now, my dilemma, the FS users must see the student addresses. With the student visibilty set to None, this does not happen.

Anyone have any suggestions?

University of Central Arkansas