At one client's site, I was finally able to add the VPN snapins to iManager installed on my Win-XP PC. (Absolutely cannot get iManager to launch from the server - Gee what a surprise!)

I was able to select the role-task "NBM VPN Server Configuration" and got the first screen "New VPN Server Configuration." Click Next.

Now I am in the screen "Configuring VPN Server My_FS1.MyOrg." I enter the IP information & accept the other default entries. Click Next.

No I get the message:
"The VPN Server was not added."
"Unable to add attributes to selected server. Maybe that the schema is not extended
or the user has insufficient rights to configure.
VPN Server that was not added: MY_FS1.MyOrg"

I am logged in as ADMIN and the schema was extended as I can see VPN tabs when in NWADMN32 on that server's properties.

The server is NW6.0 SP3 installed from OverLay CD. This is a new server just added to the tree and is for BM38 use only. iManager is v2.02 installed from the BM Companion CD onto my Win-XP PC. NDS is v8.7.3.

Any assistance on how I can get past this problem would be appreciated.