I just upgraded our GroupWise system from 7.0 to 8.0.2 on a Netware 6.5.8 server. Almost everything ran quite smoothly for the upgrade, but I ran into some troubles with WebAccess.

When I tried to upgrade WebAccess, I chose to use the existing objects and settings. After the install WebAccess did not work.

I tried uninstalling the WebAccess object (WebAcc) from the domain and received an error stating the object was not installed, would I like to remove it anyway. I selected yes and the object was deleted.

I then tried to re-install WebAccess. During the installation, I was informed again that there was already a WebAccess object, would I like to use the same settings. I canceled the installation and tried a 3rd time.

The 3rd time, I used the default name of WEBAC80A. This time the installation was successful and our whole system is up and running.

We have a simple configuration with the PO, Domain, MTA, GWIA, WebAccess, etc. all installed on the same server. Only one PO and one Domain.

When I look at my GrouWise MTA console under the status, it shows:
Domains: 1
Post Offices: 1
Gateways: 3

Somewhere during the installation process, I ended up with an orphaned WebAccess object. It does not appear in ConsoleOne. In the Properties of my WebAccess object (WEBAC80A), on the GroupWise tab, under Identification,the drop-down for Subdirectory shows three options:

How do I remove that third gateway (WEBACC) from e-directory and from my MTA gateways?