We have a S2S VPN using a NW6SP3 w/NBM37SP2 as the master and a NW6SP3
w/NBM38 as a slave. The servers are configured for IP only. Every 15
minutes both the master and the slave server jumps to 100% utilization for
about 7-8 minutes. In NWADMIN for the master the audit log has the
following two errors:
Failed configuring VPN member X.
A unexpected TCP/IP packet timeout has occurred.
The slave always shows 'being configured'.
This happens when the utilization jumps to 100%
we see no audit log on the slave server.
We have fight trying to get the connection to come up, but once it does it
seems to be very reliable. Is there anything we can check into to findout
why this is happening?
Thanks for your help in advance.