We have two ZCM Primary servers placed at our central datacenter, and about 20 satellite-servers with content and imaging roles at our branchoffices.
From what I can see the replication works as it should
zac cdi ss reports 100% and zac cdi rs reports the correct values on all satellites.

I have setup closest server rules for all our branchoffices to detect the ip-domainname and first download from the local satellite and if that isn't available download from the central primary server.

When a machine in a branchoffice downloads content it should download from the local, but from what I can tell from the speed it downloads it looks like it downloads from the central primary even if the local satellite is available.

when I run zac zc -l the rules for content and imaging shows the local satellite first in the list.

Any ideas?

Can I in some way see which server the machine actally downloads from?

Best regards