I'm experimenting with installing a secondary ZLM 7.3 server on an RHEL 5.6 box, where the primary server is installed on SLES 10.3.

This is not going very well.

When the zlm-config gets to the point of replicating the NDS info on the secondary server, using the command:

May 17 14:52:10 Executing command: ndsconfig add -S slglvm6g -L 10389 -l 10636 -t SLZLMTEST-TREE -n system -a admin.system -w **** -p slglvm6f -D /var/nds -d /var/nds/dib --config-file /etc/nds.conf

At which point the zlm-config itself says

Gathering Information: Done

Step 2: Data Store
Creating Object Store... Please wait.

The process hangs at this point until I cancel it.

ndstrace -l output says things like:

DEBUG: Schema update end to <.slglvm6h.system.SLZLMTEST-TREE.>, success.
DEBUG: Start schema update to .slglvm6g.system.SLZLMTEST-TREE....
DEBUG: Setting status of .slglvm6g.system.SLZLMTEST-TREE. to DOWN.
DEBUG: Connect to .slglvm6g.system.SLZLMTEST-TREE., failed, all referrals faile d (4294966670).
DEBUG: DCFreeContext context 01c3000f idHandle 00000000, connHandle ffffffff, /o pt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/libnds.so
WARN: SkulkSchema failed, all referrals failed (4294966670).
INFO: All processed = NO

I have tried the same with another SLES 10.3, and I can set it up as a secondary without any issues.

I've been fighting with this for a while, and searching has proved fruitless. Perhaps you can help me?

Many thanks,