I have a user that is the owner of a department proxy resource. She wants to copy/export a created address book from her personal GW account to the proxy resource account. I don't even see an address book on the resource when logged in as the user. I tried sharing the AB from her acct to the resource and I get an error stating the AB cannot be shared with the resource. I have not tried this before, and cannot find any information anywhere stating specifically that this can't be done. If I click on the AB from the proxied resource, it will bring up the AB from her personal email account, but this does not work the same way when logged in through the web client. This user only has access to the Web client and not the FAT client. I am currently logged into the FAT client on my PC as the user in an attempt to resolve this issue for her. Is this a no-go on a resource? My only other thought is to delete the resource and recreate it as a temporary user account instead to get the AB to share correctly. I would appreciate and suggestions.