i am trying to set up a HP-Compaq NC8000 Note.
After Setup from Win XPPro SP1a i installed at first
BM Client 3.7. But it doesn´t work, i get a Requester
VPN Login : The Novell VPN Driver is not installed.
I uninstalled this Client. And tried with the BM-Client 3.8.2.
I also installed the NICI 1.7.0 and the NMAS Client Component 2.3.
But the Client does´t start, instead i get the
same VPN Login Message The Novell VPN Driver is not installed.
I tried with WLAN, without WLAN, with Netware Client 4.9SP1
without Netware Client etc.... always the same Result.
My Question: Has anybody the same Problem with VPN-Client-Setup?
The same Procedure works really fine on some EVO1000s and EVO 800s.
( maybe because they don´t have a Centrino Chipset? )