I have something strange going on... In the past few weeks we've
installed BM 3.8 in all

our remote locations, all using site-to-site vpn to the master I have
here. It took me

several weeks to learn the system and get them all on line and connected.
Here's the

problem. One of my Tech's had tried configuring our "Pittsburgh" site-to-
site and messed

up the configuration. He used "" for the vpn tunnell
address, which was the

wrong one. I ended up deleteing that vpn server completely out of the
tree including

certificates and membership to our site-to-site vpn via console one. I
recreated our

"Pittsburgh" server and used I continued on adding the
other servers

including our "Las Vegas" office which used Every time I
sync the servers

or reboot the master, my LAN static routing tables change on all my
servers. It deletes

the route which points to my Las Vegas office and adds a
second route of pointing to my Pittsburgh office.... Is
there a table, ncf or dat file somewhere out there that I need to update
to get that to stop happening?????