I'm trying to set up a VPN between two sites...

Main site where master vpn server are is behind a PAT firewall (squid, not mine)

Q1: am i supposed to enter my public IP address in the ip information in the vpn server config or the 10.X adress that is bound to the NIC!!

The servers connect with no problem when I use a router and simulate my net..

INTERNAL NET1 ---->MASTER VPN<------------------->router<-------------------------->SLAVE VPN<------------------------>INTERNAL NET2 195.XX.XX.65 195.XX.XX.66

But when I puts my slave on the site and runs in real life I get a lots of errors like: (slave site)

Receive Main Mode message from 62.XX.XX.249
Invalid payload length - ID-PAYLOAD payload
Processed ID-PAYLOAD unsuccessful Received the message in the wrong state. Lost our reply, dst=62.XX.XX.249
Failed to create IKE-SA - Received the message in the wroong state. Lost our reply, dst = 62.XX.XX.249

What is wrong here???? Any ideas???? I'm getting very very frustrating at the moment....