I am trying to use BM 3.7 (I've tried 3.8 as well) to connect to a VPN
network. My home network is behind a SmoothWall
( machine.

The client installs on XP just fine, and appears to connect as well. It
accepts my password and shows that it "Successfully authenticated user".
However, I can't ping anything on the other side. None of the IP addresses
will respond. When I open up VPN Statistics, it shows the Transmit
statistics as slowly increasing, but the Receive statistics stay fairly

I've opened up some ports on the SmoothWall to go back to this particular
machine based on some postings I found from a search on Google (TCP ports
213 and 353, UDP ports 2010 and 353), but that didn't help either. I've
even shut down ZoneAlarm on my system thinking it might have inadvertently
been blocking things. No dice.

Anyone have any idea if BM will even work behind a SmoothWall, or if there
is something I can do with the SmoothWall configuration to get it working?
Any help is appreciated.