Good morning. We just received the OK to update our VMWare infrastructure and I was hoping for some design assistance.
(I really have almost know idea what I'm talking about btw...)

What we will have:
(2) ESXi 4.1 servers running on Poweredge 1950, Dual gig nics
(2) ReadyNAS Pro 6, Dual gig nics
(1) Procurve 2510g 48 port

What I am trying to accomplish:
(a) use both NAS devices by splitting up my vms equally (by use) to each for backup and live storage. (see next point)
(b) use opposing NAS as backup storage for the other
(c) use USB hard drives attached to each ReadyNAS to copy each backup of the VM so drive can be taken off site

I was not sure if I need a dedicated switch to connect the ReadyNas devices and the servers or if I can use my Procurve that my network runs on and separate the traffic using vlans.

What do you think?