Hi Folks,

I have to implement a test VPN solution for a client to
parallel an existing nortel vpn that isn't working worth a
hoot. It works but has issues with RDP sessions to a
Terminal server that is running on a primarilly Netware 6.5
network. There is a BM3.8Sp1a firewall and a Nortel
Contivity 1700 router in parallel both with valid internet
address. When users establish an RDP session across the
Nortel site to site tunnel, they lose their connection to
the RDP session every 10-15 minutes. We opened up a port to
the same terminal server on the BM firewall and run an RDP
session directly without so much as a hiccup.

So what I am attempting to do is set up a BM3.8 test server
at one of the remote offices and run a site to site BM vpn
and test both the Nortel VoIP phones and RDP sessions across
that tunnel. If it works we will be installing a perminent
BM server in each location for the site to site tunnel and
Nortel can take their contivity **** and .....

Customer is getting really peeved because it's taken the
Telus/Nortel team of experts 2 months of troubleshooting to
get no where.

So I'm looking for good tips, tricks and watchouts from the
experts here because I've never done a BM VPN.

Has anyone out there tried to run a Nortel or anyother VoIP
phone system across a Novell VPN?