There is a bug (bug #689922) in OES2 SP3 regarding DST. There exists scenarios where moving/shifting data from the secondary to the primary will corrupt the files and convert them into directories.

The fix provided in the bug details does not fix the problem if it's already happened. It only PREVENTS it from happening.

So if anyone is using DST on OES2 SP3, I highly urge you to contact NTS (probably have to open a support call) to get the fix and apply it ASAP.

I myself, have personally been affected by this bug (our legal dept went nuts because a lot of their legal data got corrupted), and other larger customers have been affected by this as well.

Thus, in the interests of PREVENTING future data corruption at other customers, I'm notifying everyone in the forums of this (since I doubt most people routinely scour the TIDS to see that this is even an issue, let alone a prevention fix for it).

IF you are affected, the fix is fairly painful. You'll have to run a special script to identify the corrupted files, delete them and restore them from tape backup.

The bug details state it only affects OES2 SP3.